Identifying Your Unknown Bayonet

I receive a large number of requests for help in identifying bayonets. I will help you out, but cannot do it for free. You have two options here.

1. If you wish to sell the bayonet, send me a good photograph and I will make you an offer on it if it is of interest to me. I will not identify it for you. If you choose this route you may contact me here.

2. I will identify and give you my best estimate of a retail value for 20.00 per bayonet. You will need to pay in advance. I will need a good photo, description or photograph of the markings. I may also need dimensions or some other information that I will ask you for. If you choose to go this route and then decide to sell the bayonet to me, the 20.00 fee will returned to you in the purchase deal. If you wish to choose this route, use the secure shopping cart link below to pay the fee. You may then send me the photograph and description to this address e-mail
Identification and Valuation of 1 bayonet

Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:

If you are a member of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors or the Bayonet Collectors Network, I will try and help you out for free. Just let me know if you are an member of these organizations when you contact me.